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    XBOX 360 Modchips & Flashing Devices
Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro v1.2 w/USB Cable
Only $36.95
The new ALL-IN-ONE Tool, It supports POWER KIT + SERIAL RS232 + USB Tool, throw away anything else you have been using, this is all you need to update/reflash your drive safely.

Include Spear Add-on for Liteon drives (+ $7.95). 

This is a great addon tool to work with the extractor. No soldering to get your dvd information from your lite-on. with the spear and the new software you just open the unit, hold it down on a single point on the lite-on drive. That is it, your information is now grabbed. No soldering needed!

Xecutor Connectivity Kit 3 Pro
Only $52.95
Team Xecuter has expanded its hugely successful connectivity kit v2 to include complete support for Liteon Drive Key Dumping. Includes FREE unlocking tool needed to remove the XBOX360 case.
Qty: No Longer Available