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  1. The WiiTracker: is a database application designed to catalog Wii Serial Numbers and cross reference them with known data about the hardware inside a Wii console. The results of this data is automatically analyzed by the application to allow those looking to purchase a Wii, or considering modifying their Wii to find out exactly what chipset is inside their console before they open it.
  2. You can also try this website as well:

Which Chip is the correct one for your console?

IMPORTANT : Before deciding which chip to go for, you need to find out 2 things about what type of wii console you have

UPDATE : Nintendo has just recently began shipping out Wii's with epoxy covering the drivechip pins to prevent people from using the solderless clips. If you have a new console that was purchased after November 2008 with serial code like LU6xxxxxxxx you may have a new type of EPOXY D2E chipset (the Drive Key is the only modchip compatble with this version).

Wii Serial Number: This is located on the large sticker on the bottom of the Wii (when standing vertically). It's 11 digits long and made up of letters and numbers. This number is unique to each and every Wii console and it also contains valuable data about the console.

Wii Copyright Year: This is located on the top left of the large sticker on the bottom of the Wii console (when standing vertically). Since the Wii does not have a manufacturing date available the copyright year is the next best thing. Tracking that against the serial number could provide some insights.


(Look on the side of your wii console next to the barcode)
Wii Console
Chipset type
Console Serial
Code Range
Compatible Solderless
Mod Chips
D2A/DMS/D2B No cut pins
LU10000xxxx - LU10580xxxx
Drive Key, D2Pro, Wii Key v2
D2B possible cut pins / legs
LU10580xxxx - LU10613xxxx
Drive Key, D2Pro, Wii Key v2
LU10613xxxx - Early April 08
Drive Key, D2Pro, Wii Key v2
Late April/May 08 and above
Drive Key, D2Pro, Wii Key v2
D2A/DMS/D2B No cut pins
LU30000xxxx - LU31539xxxx
D2B possible cut pins / legs
LU31539xxxx - LU31546xxxx
D2B with Cut pins / legs
LU31546xxxx - LU31867xxxx
Possible D2B with cut pins or D2C
LU31867xxxx - LU31874xxxx
LU31874xxxx - Early April 08
Likely D2C2
Late April/May 08 and above
With Epoxy Resin
LU6xxxxx and above
D2A/DMS/D2B No cut pins
LU50000xxxx - LU51522xxxx
LU51522xxxx - LU51634xxxx
D2B possible cut pins / legs
LU51634xxxx - LU52386xxxx
D2B with Cut pins / legs
LU52386xxxx - LU52390xxxx
Possible D2B with cut pins or D2C
LU52390xxxx - LU565xxxxx
LU565xxxxx - LU585xxxxx
LU585xxxxx - LU64xxxxx
LU64xxxxx and above
D3 or D2nothing
  • **These tables are updated frequently BUT may not have the latest information**

    **The best policy is to check in the WiiDrives Database with your serial number. We will not replace chips purchased incorrectly.