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    HD Advanced

    Product Features
  Load your PS2 games onto your hard drive and then run them without the hassle of swapping discs.

No more incessant long loading times while it's reading data from a game disc.

Allows you to store games on any modern high capacity IDE Hard Drive conncted to your PS2 (Sony Network adapter requred).
Install, delete and manage your games and files on your HDD with just a click of a button.
Simple and intuitive multi-lingual user interface allows easy navigation and selection of files stored on your Hard drive.
Games are executed at lightning speed and accessed directly from the HDD,. Just launch HD Advanced and select the game you wish to play.
The ultimate Hard drive storage and management solution for PS2.

    Product Description
HDAdvance 3.0 brings us functions we've have been dreaming about for a while for our PlayStation 2. Now, with the use of HDAdvance, you can simply load original, purchased games onto your PS2 hard disk, and then run the original, purchased game later on from there. Faster loading, no need to mess with original game disks etc. A must have for all PS2 users! The all new HDAdvance version 3.0 now supports hard disk drives up to 200GB.

Add or remove games with the push of a button. HDAdvance offers excellent compatibility, in fact 95% of games work flawlessly when running from your hard disk drive. HDAdvance is compatible with both standard IDE hard disk drives and the official Playstation 2™ hard disk drive. For use with original purchased game titles only for which the software license has been purchased. Not compatible with online game play or the new slimline PSTwo SCPH700XX.

This package includes the HDAdvance CD disc, HDAdvance DVD disc, manual and sleeve-style cover.