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  DUO X2 Lite Modchip

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  Product Features

  Box Compatibility V1.0 - V1.6
Latest version XBox DuoX 2 Lite ModChip!  
Auto detect EVOX  
One chip for the following xbox models. (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, v1.5, v1.6 and v1.6b)
Dual Bios feature  
Very easy to tell if you are running the original or the modchip bios  
9 solder point + 2 Wire Installation or 11 wire installation.
Plays original imports
Macrovision Off
Supports 137+GB Hard disk
Flash upgradable

  Product Description

Xbox DuoX 2 Lite Mod Chip & 1.6 rebuild PCB. The difference between the DuoX 2 and the DuoX 2 Lite is the size of the flash ram and the DuoX 2 Lite now comes with a free 1.6 rebuild PCB. The Duo X 2 Lite has a 512k flashram where the Duo X 2 have a 1mb flash ram. So if your not going to be using bios over 512k, the DuoX 2 Lite would be a good choice. The DuoX 2 Lite can be shut off for online gaming on all Xbox versions, booted with write protection to chip and much more. The DuoX 2 Lite works on all Xbox consoles up to version 1.6b. Completely modify the way your Xbox acts by using this mod chip.

There are different ways to connect the DuoX 2 Lite to the main board, first is wire and second is direct to the board using a header pin which comes with the chip. I found that the header is the easiest because you install the header, then the chip slides into the header, so your aren’t soldering too much onto the DuoX 2 Lite chip. For the 1.6 consoles use the header and the 1.6 rebuild PCB for fastest and best results.

Another great feature is, if you don’t want to add switches to your case, the DuoX 2 Lite mod makes use of the buttons already on the Xbox. If you turn the Xbox on with the power button, the mod chip will be activated and boot to your homebrew dashboard, but if you switch on the Xbox using the eject button, then the DuoX 2 Lite will be deactivated and will boot to the standard ms dashboard (so you can use Xbox Live)! This feature is added with the soldering of an extra cable from the chip to the power/eject button board, the wire is included.

It plays original imports and back-ups of originals, plays unsigned code. You can run debug executables, has no-patch hack 1 & 2, it deactivated macrovision, supports 137 GB+ HDDs. It auto detects EvoX dashboard, and the flash is upgradeable.

Altogether, its a chip is filled with features that even developers can make use of, its upgradeable as time goes by, it’s affordable and reliable. With the DuoX making use of the Xbox power/eject buttons in place of external switches it’s great if you regularly use Xbox Live!