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    DUO 3 Ultra Modchip

The most reliable PS2 Mod on the market. DUO 3 Ultra Mod-chip

Product Pricing
Availibilty: In-Stock
Platform: Playstation 2
Price: $18.95
Include Wire & Solder Installation Kit (+$3.95)
View Installation Instructions

    Product Features

  Compatible with every PS2 Model v1-v16 Pal, US and Jap machines.
Auto boot PS2, PSX games and movies.
DVD movie region free*
Boot programs from the Memory card
Low voltage design, 3.3V

PS2 Mode:
PS2 Originals & DVD9 Originals
PS2 Original imports & DVD9 Original imports
PS2 DVD9 silver
PS2 DVD Backups
PS2 CDr Backups
Compatible with Gameshark and Action Replay
Compatible with PS2 MediaPlayer 1.50

PSX Mode:
PSX Originals
PSX Original Imports
PSX CDr Backups

    Product Description

The DUO 3 Ultra ModChip is the latest development of the famous Duo-Team. It allows you to play any PlayStation (PSX) and PS2 Imports / Backups without swap method. (CD-R, DVD±R) The DUO 3 Ultra mod chip is compatible with v1-v16 USA, EUR, JAP PlayStation2 consoles (NTSC, PAL) and DVD 9 ready. The new disable function the Duo 3 Ultra Mod Chip is network and online ready - boot with reset for 5 seconds and the chip turns off and leaving the PS2 in it's 100% original state. Now it has also the Dev1 and Dev2 mode which allows to start software direct.