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Backups does not condone piracy or Copyright infringement. Installation of our Mod Chips is intended to provide the consumer with the legal right to play backups of their legally owned games or Imports.

Console Damage Opening your PlayStation WILL void your warranty. Modifying your PlayStation WILL void your warranty. Incorrectly installing a Mod Chip WILL result in damage to your PlayStation. Our Mod Chips are inherently safe and will not cause any damage if installed correctly. will not accept any liability for damage as a result of installation of our chips.

Encoding insures that all our chips are encoded with the most up-to-date source code available. However, ongoing technological advances may result in alterations in copy protection schemes. is not responsible for these alterations. Unfortunately, we cannot refund, replace, or issue credit for any chip which becomes ineffective due to a change in copy protection method(s).

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