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  Featured Wii Modchips
Best Selling Wii Modchip - Drive Key
Wii Key Fusion Modchip
Completely solderless, plug-and-play installation!
The WiiKey Fusion is the latest mod chip from team WiiKey, it was mainly conceived for people that have the very latest D3-2 drives which started showing up in brand new consoles Sept 09. The WiiKey Fusion uses SD memory cards to load the games from, so you will be able to play backups of your original games off a SD memory card, from your consoles region or imported games. If you don't have one of the new D3-2 drives, then the Wii Key Fusion will operate just like the Drive Key modchip.
Best Selling Wii Modchip - Drive Key
Drive Key Modchip
We have new stock with the 0hm resistor in place of the X4 / B4 diode as the ones with the X4 / B4 diode still had issues with originals.  This is guaranteed to work with backups and originals. No Wires. No Soldering. The DriveKey is a 100% No Solder Nintendo Wii Mod Chip. Simply plug it in and play.

Wasabi Zero Modchip - No soldering needed.
Wasabi Zero Modchip
It has never been easier to install a Wii modchip. Connect the solderless adapter to the chip using the connector, plug it on the drive chip, and start playing. Alternatively, solder version is also available for those who wish to do a regular installation (5 or 6 wires depending on drive version, no pin soldering required).

Wii Key 2 Modchip
The WiiKey 2 installation is one of the most simple on the market, it supports a 5 wire install for the older DMS or D2B boards, while having a solid 6-wire install for the D2C / D2C2 & D2E model consoles. The stability and compatibility of the WiiKey v2 is what you have come to expect from this team, all titles boot first time every time without any glitches .

  Featured XBOX 360 Modchips & Flashing Devices
Xecutor Connectivity Kit V3 Pro for XBox 360
Connectivity Kit 3 Pro
Xecuter, the #1 Xbox hacking team has upgraded it's hugely popular Connectivity Kit v2 and made flashing your Xbox 360 DVD Firmware easier than ever and now with Liteon support!